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Kotug Smit safely assisted load-out Culzean Jackets

Jul 23, 2017, 2:27 PM

Kotug Smit Towage safely assisted load-out Culzean DPF & ULQ Jackets at Heerema Flushing

On 14th and 19th June 2017, Kotug Smit Towage has safely assisted the load out of both Culzean CPF and ULQ jackets at the Heerema yard Flushing. Prior to the start of operations, meetings were held with representatives of Heerema, Mammoet, Pilots and the Linesmen, to discuss all safety aspects of the load-out operations and the transit from the yard to sea. This resulted in an overview of the required preparations, the actual operation, procedures, outlined responsibilities, communications and operation restrictions. Two tow masters of Kotug Smit were responsible for the co-ordination between the tugs during the load-out of this special project.

A smooth cooperation between all teams involved contributed to the successful and safe loadout of the Culzean Jackets.

In June and July 2017, the Culzean jackets departed from the fabrication location of Heerema Flushing for their final offshore destination at the British sector of the North Sea, to start gas producing for the UK.

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