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Mate UK (Liverpool)

For our port in Liverpool (UK) we are recruiting new colleagues:


Objective of position

The Mate assists the Captain and Chief Engineer to ensure the vessel is ready to perform safe and optimal towing services.

Key tasks

  • Assist during towing operations
  • Maintain ropes and gear to ensure they are in good conditions and ready for use, keep them properly stored when not in use
  • Assist both Captain and Chief Engineer in keeping the tug maintained and ready for operations by performing maintenance, repair and cleaning of the tug, both in- and outside and cook meals
  • Administer catering and cleaning supplies stock and ensure ordering
  • Perform watch keeping duties when required
  • Report unsafe situations and actions to contribute to increased safety and awareness
  • Participate in safety drills on a regular basis.

Job requirements

  • Needs to be in possession of obligated certificates and documents relating to the local Manning Act in order to be able to sail as Mate on board a tugboat
  • In possession of valid Seafarer medical certificate ENG1
  • In possession of updated STCW basic safety training, navigational watch rating and Masters II/3 ticket, 500g certificates
  • Proven technical knowledge by experience as Mate in offshore or on a tugboat
  • Good communicational skills
  • Good social skills and a team player

Challenge yourself and us

If you have a passion for a nautical job and would like to work on board, then we invite you to submit your motivation letter and CV or contact Melanie Cain via phone +44 1512078540.

For more information about the vacancy, please contact Paul Murphy via phone +44 1512078540.

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