towage is all about people

The success of our company depends on the people working for us. Their contribution, commitment and their added value to the organisation are highly valued.

Our tugs are powered by horsepower, but above all powered by people. We care for our people, we mix crews, to share experiences. Vast experience and latest knowledge come together; calm seniority and eager young blood. Even when it comes to the youngsters on our tugs, as they are mentored and trained by our most experienced tug master.

A team that we can rely on. We know our people will get the job done safely. Our people are ready to take up the challenge, with an attitude that says: “Bring it on. It doesn’t matter how big the challenge is, we’re ready for it. Roll up our sleeves and get to work. No sea too high, no challenge too great. Let's do it together".

Our people make the difference and that makes us leading in safe harbour towage.


We are always looking for passionate people who can bring added value to our organisation and who are willing to be committed to our core values. Our culture, our conduct and our business approach are based on five core values.

  • Passion: We put our heart & soul into our work
  • Respect: We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • Flexibility: We adapt to a changing environment
  • Collaboration: We believe in teamwork to achieve our shared goals
  • Professionalism: We are competent & deliver what we promise

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