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Tailored Towage Services





customer-oriented and flexible services

As a leading provider of tailored harbour towage and port services in Europe, we constantly monitor our quality and safety levels and our customers' special needs. Our working relations with both large and small parties, such as ship owners, shipping agents, pilots and port authorities, acknowledge our consistency and continuity of quality and service. You can rely on us for a round-the-clock service in every European port in which we operate, under all circumstances.

With a versatile fleet of 64 tugs, our operations can be carried out safely with a minimum of tugs required. Next to regular towage services in our ports, we provide specialist towage services, such as emergency response activities, fire-fighting operations, assisting oil platforms, rig moves, barges, hulls, providing a towing master, etc.

We provide our customers the right mix in terms of fleet capacity, turn-around-time, flexible deployment and local knowledge.

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For each problem

we provide a solution

Our challenge is finding the best possible solution to satisfy our customers’ requirements. We achieve this by having personal contact and truly understanding the concerns of our customers and adapting our service to join seamlessly on the customers' expectations.

In various port regions, our representatives are participating in local port projects with the aim to optimize the information process between all nautical and operational parties involved during the call of a vessel. Efficient and timely info exchange between the various 'shackles' (terminals, boatmen, pilots, lock coordinators, etc.) in a port region is essential.

We look forward to exceed our customers' expectations and accept every challenge!


It is our goal to constantly improve our service level towards our customers. We actively listen and involve them in all stages of planning. We view situations from the perspective of the customer and we actively follow up with them.

To assure a high standard in quality of our service, our core process have been established with the focus on quality assurance which comes evident by the following aspects:

  • Operational continuity, reliability assets through efficient maintenance procedures
  • Versatile fleet and equipment, up-grading our tugs constantly, to create safer tugs for our crew and with greater operational redundancy
  • Comprehensive training process for our crews, competencies required to run the business. We have developed our in house training and education programs. We train our crews and educate new tug masters in operating all possible propulsion systems. Training takes place both in our own simulator centre and off course real live on our tugs.
  • Constantly improving by programs in place
  • Always looking for innovations which increase our quality, efficiency, sustainability and innovation to improve our daily operations.