Tug Masters United Kingdom

For our ports in the UK (London and Southampton) we are recruiting for new colleagues:

Tug Masters

The tug master reports to the Operations Manager in the area. Presides over the crew of his tug boat. The size of the crew is dependent on the area to be navigated and the nature of the voyage.

Objective of position

To conduct effectively the services of KOTUG SMIT TOWAGE in our ports in London or Southampton. To carry responsibility for vessel and crew. To represent the shipping company and its policy.

Key tasks:

  • The Tug Master runs the ship, and has authority over all those on board. He is responsible for safe navigation in the broadest sense of the word and ensures that the crews are ready at all times to carry out those on board duties necessary.
  • He will organize duties in such a manner, as to ensure that he and his crew can benefit from the legally required amount of rest as stated by the Maritime Shipping (Work and Rest Periods) Act;
  • Has the overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions about carrying out those actions he deems necessary in order to contribute to the interests of those on board, the tugboat, safety, health and environment, and to prevent pollution and to request the Company’s assistance;
  • Presides over and has total responsibility for the vessel and those who sail on her.
  • The Tug Master will ensure that legislative and regulatory measures and the operation of the management system are enforced. He manages all ships certificates, carries out the ship’s administration and provides office with status report. He implements the environmental and safety policy as described in the Instruction Manual for Seagoing Personnel.
  • To lead and instruct in a clear and concise manner, and to motivate the crew. He holds regularly work group meetings with the crew, fire and safety drills and a familiarization round with new crew members.

Job requirements:

  • Needs to be in possession of obligated certificates and documents relating to the flagstate's Manning Act in order to be able to sail as Captain on board a tugboat;
  • In possession of a valid certificate of competency Master near Coastal Voyages;
  • Proven knowledge of good seamanship by experience as tugboat captain;
  • Experience with Azimuth Stern Drive and ZP Propellers;
  • A master’s certificate as referred to in the inland shipping decree is a preference;
  • Managerial qualities;
  • Must be fully aware of the Management System as maintained by the shipping company;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Sufficient organizational skills to arrange duties so that they comply with the Maritime Shipping (Work & Rest Periods) Acts
  • Good social skills;
  • Flexible and capable of withstanding stress;
  • Prepared not to smoke in places where it may affect others.

Are you one of us?

If you have a passion for a nautical job and would like to work on board, then we invite you to send your online application and CV by filling out the underneath application form or call HR Officer, Debbie Boom via +31103073532.

For more information about the vacancy, please contact Operations Manager London & Southampton, Stuart Strutton via phone +441375641288.

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